Advice, support, training & audits for food businesses.

Jacqui MacPeake’s interest in food allergies became a particular passion when her own daughter began to struggle with multi food allergies and intolerances at the age of 14. Jacqui’s unique position as a professional caterer and a parent of someone who needs to pay particular attention to her choice of foods enables her to provide valuable advice and a personal insight into this particular field.

Jacqui has also been awarded “Free From Hero Award 2018” for the work she has already undertaken to raise awareness of allergens in the University Sector. 

There is always a concern in the food industry but concerns have recently become heightened. It is very important to ensure that strict guidelines and procedures are in place to ensure customers with allergies can eat in confidence in your food business. Many food operators do this extremely well and their customers with allergies will return, and bring their friends and family. It makes sense to get it right. Instil confidence in your staff and welcome all customers regardless of their particular dietary requirements.

The best way to do this is to change the culture of your teams. Include allergen safety procedures within your daily HACCP/FSMS paperwork. It becomes part of the daily checks and not something extra which may be forgotten. Food Safety and Food Allergen Safety both have the same goal -ensure food is safe to eat.

Need some help?

If you are looking for an honest straightforward review of the current risks to your business, I can provide an in-depth review of the current Allergen Procedures, highlight any risks and support your teams to make any changes. I will provide an in-depth written report with recommendations. I can provide interactive workshops, support your business to achieve the Allergen Accreditation and ensure that customers with food allergies will have the confidence to eat in your establishment.

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